The images that keep giving.

  • many reasons to document, maybe whole series on them. Reflection, remembering / triggering memories, physical details, expressing a message, proving something/ evidential, future nostalgia
  • nourishing images, what they are, how they feel, and why to take more of them.
  • don't forget the words, feelings, senses that are added
  • for me: while my kids were small, having photos of them gave me a chance to see them be still and appreciate my love for them, without the chaos of their momement and demands. It refilled my mothering bucket and gave focus when I'd otherwise been losing my mind.
  • loss. (whole nother thing) after a loss, expected or otherwise, the images become infinitly more precious. especially having thos comfy shots that trigger the memories of belonging, love, affection, connection...
  • etc etc etc....